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Spiritual Wings

Spiritual wings within a parish are like different parts of a bird's feathers, each important for our spiritual journey. At St. Stephen's, we have special groups that make our parish life better.

The Sunday School teaches our young ones about Jesus and our faith, making sure our traditions continue with love. Our Choir Group sings beautifully during worship, connecting us to God. The Altar Service members help the priests with important rituals during the church service. The Youth Association represents our community's future. They help young adults grow spiritually and personally. The Marthamariyam Women's League, led by Mrs. Sony Raju, is the heartbeat of our community. The league brings our women together, fostering fellowship, and providing support.

All these groups help us grow spiritually and come together as a parish. They guide us, support us, and give us a purpose as we walk this path of faith together. These spiritual wings show our dedication to having a strong and fulfilling parish life. When we join together, we can overcome challenges, celebrate our faith, and become closer to God.


St.Stephen Sunday School

At St. Stephen's, we wholeheartedly embrace the vital role of our Parish catechism class in shaping the spiritual foundation of the next generation. It is our unwavering commitment to instill the profound teachings of Jesus and pass down the rich Syrian rituals to our young ones. We take immense joy in welcoming students who range from the tender Pre-KG learners to the more advanced Grade 8 students, ensuring a holistic faith-based education that nurtures their growth in the knowledge and love of Christ.

As of September 16, 2023, our vibrant Parish Sunday School program has proudly enrolled 31 enthusiastic and eager young minds. These students form the heartbeat of our faith community, representing our hope for a future filled with faith, compassion, and devotion.

Our dedicated team of educators, including the passionate Teena Kuruvila, Sheane Jacob, Anitta Jacob,   Riya Bigil, Kiran Mathew Philip, Anila Kuruvila, Lintu Baby, Meenu Sunny, Emily Eldhose, Tincy Thomas, Anna Lal, Jeeva Sunny, Emy Koshy and Anil Alias Paul are the guiding lights on this spiritual journey. They bring their unwavering commitment and deep knowledge of the faith to provide our students with a strong foundation in Christian values and traditions. Together, we strive to inspire a profound and enduring connection with God in the hearts of our young learners, nurturing their spiritual development and fostering a love for Jesus that will guide them throughout their lives. Our Parish catechism class is not just a classroom; it's a nurturing ground for faith, love, and growth in Christ.

Choir Team

The St. Stephen choir is a harmonious symphony that fills our church with celestial melodies during each holy mass. Led by the talented and dedicated Soumya Abey, wife of our Vicar, Rev. Fr. Abey Mathew, this choir brings the gift of music to our worship.

Comprising skilled and passionate members like Abin Sajeev Mathew, Jins Paul, Riya Bigil, Sandra Shelly, Christina Ealias, and Blesmy George, the choir creates an enchanting atmosphere of devotion and praise. Their voices blend in perfect harmony, lifting our spirits and connecting us to the divine.

Not only do they sing with remarkable grace and skill, but they also accompany their voices with the enchanting tunes of the keyboard, adding depth and resonance to our worship experience. The choir's dedication and commitment to enhancing our holy mass with their musical talents are truly commendable.

Through their melodious offerings, the St. Stephen choir enriches our spiritual journey, helping us find solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection with our faith. They remind us that in the tapestry of our worship, every note and every voice plays a vital role in creating a symphony of devotion that resonates within our hearts.


St. Stephen Youth Association

The St. Stephen Youth Wing is a dynamic force within our church, actively engaged in both socio-cultural activities within the church and outreach to the wider community. Their vibrant energy and enthusiasm breathe life into our parish.

One of their remarkable achievements is the formation of the cricket team, "St. Stephen Tuskers." These young talents have shown exceptional skill and teamwork, participating in various tournaments. Notably, they emerged triumphant in the fiercely competitive Inter-church cricket tournament hosted by St. Paul's Church in Barrie, showcasing their dedication and sportsmanship.

The Youth Wing's commitment to serving both the church and society is exemplified by their involvement in numerous social and cultural initiatives. Their contributions extend beyond the cricket pitch, as they actively participate in events and projects that promote community engagement and inclusivity.

This remarkable group of young individuals, including Anil Varghese, Cibin K Baby, Ans Kuriakose, Amal Roy, Basil M. Varghese, Elby Paul, Benzil Varghese, Anto Scaria, Bibin Baby, Prince John, Jerin Mathew, Akhil Jose, Abin Sajeev Mathew, Jerry Kandathil, and Basil Kuriakose, stands as a testament to the bright future of our church. Their passion for both spiritual and social endeavors is a source of inspiration, and they continue to be a vibrant force in our parish's journey of faith and community service.

Martha mariyam Women's League

The Marthamariyam Women's League is an integral part of our St. Stephen family, representing the strong and compassionate women who contribute significantly to our parish's growth and well-being. Under the dedicated leadership of Mrs. Sony Raju, who serves as the secretary of this esteemed association, the league continues to thrive.
This league serves as a cornerstone of our church community, bringing together the women of our congregation. They play a pivotal role in various aspects of parish life, from organizing events and activities to fostering bonds of friendship and support among our women parishioners. The Marthamariyam Women's League embodies the spirit of service, faith, and unity, which are essential values in our church. Through their collective efforts, they contribute to the spiritual growth and communal harmony of our parish.


Altar Assistants

Our dedicated team of altar assistants at St. Stephen's plays an integral role in enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of our church during the holy mass. Comprising members like Thomas Thomas, Basil Chacko, Akhil Jose, Prince John, Anto Scaria, Bibin Baby, Basil Kuriakose, Kiran Mathew Philip, Shean Alexander Jacob, Stejo John Varkey, and Vineeth Varghese, these individuals are the pillars of support for our Vicar.

Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of essential tasks, including assisting the Vicar during the holy mass, facilitating the smooth flow of the service, and creating an environment conducive to worship. They lead the congregation in prayer and song, eloquently articulating the liturgy in Malayalam, English, and Syriac, bridging the linguistic diversity within our faith community.

With their unwavering dedication and commitment, our altar assistants ensure that each worship service is a spiritually enriching experience for all who gather in our church. Their contributions are a testament to their devotion to our faith and their willingness to serve the congregation, making them an indispensable part of our worship community. We are truly blessed to have such a devoted team of altar assistants guiding us through our spiritual journey.

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