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Ettu Nombu Perunnal will be celebrated on September 9

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

On September 9th, Saturday, we planned to gather together to celebrate the "8 Nombu Perunnal," the birthday feast of St. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. This day also holds a special significance as we remember the late Catholicos Baselios Paulose II, a beloved figure in our faith.

Morning prayer will start at 10:30 AM, these prayers will be led by Rev. Fr. Abey Mathew, Rev. Fr. Eldho Kakkadan, and Rev. Fr. Kurian Mathew. Together, we will seek divine blessings and guidance for the day. The Holy Qurbona, a sacred act of worship and communion, will follow the morning prayers. Led by our dedicated clergy, this is a moment of profound significance as we partake in the Eucharist, strengthening our spiritual bonds and nourishing our souls. Following the Holy Qurbona, a sense of serenity will envelop us as we engage in the "Perunnal Rasa." This beautiful tradition allows us to reflect on the grace and blessings bestowed upon us through the intercession of St. Mary. It is a time of deep reverence and spiritual connection.

As part of this special day, we will receive the blessing of our clergy members. Their words of wisdom and guidance will serve as a source of inspiration for our continued journey in faith.

The celebration doesn't stop there! In keeping with tradition, we will also observe our Parish's Onam celebration on the same day. It's a moment to revel in the vibrant culture and flavours of Kerala. Our OnaSadya promises a delicious spread of traditional Onam dishes, a feast fit for the occasion. It's an opportunity to savour the rich flavours of our heritage and share in the joy of community.

Join us in this special celebration, as we come together in faith, love, and gratitude. See you there!

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